Sticking to your 2017 Resolutions


The Wilkins’ had some words of wisdom for anyone resolving to have a healthier year—”Strive to be the best version of you. Keep coming in and working on getting 1% better each day. And competition breeds excellence. We compete in this gym daily. It may be a friendly competition with other athletes, it may be a competition with ourselves, or it may be a competition against the clock to beat a certain time. Whatever it takes to push ourselves and each other to be stronger than yesterday.

— Local gyms offer programs, advice to make New Year’s resolutions stick from The Times, Pryor Creek, Oklahoma.*

In order keep our resolutions, we must know how to monitor the outcome, be motivated enough and enjoy what we are doing. One of the big problems with fitness resolutions is that monitoring is extremely difficult, making them look unrealistic.
It is very exciting to watch yourself improve every time. It is boring to be mildly uncomfortable for long periods but all of us don’t mind intense effort and discomfort in short bursts. This is the problem with cardio and the advantage with weight training.
So, visible results bring motivation and you don’t get bored out of your mind with the intense activity of strength training. Barbells are therefore a great idea.

So, here’s the StratFit Science: AUTOLETIC

Get your mind right, become mentally rugged, and you can get this out of a barbell program. Set your sights on total mastery when you are in the gym, little by little you will learn the nuances of generating power, and somewhere in the midst of it all will learn the reward is in the journey.

*For quoted article, visit: The Times, Pryor Creek, Oklahoma

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