What’s a strength coach worth? It can hardly be quantified


Increase in the coaching salaries in the past decade

With so much emphasis on Xs and Os — on the act of game-day coaching itself, let alone the nonstop grind of recruiting — it might seem strange that Meyer (Urban Meyer of Ohio state) stressed the importance of his strength and conditioning coach. But Mickey Marotti, like a growing number of his peers, is more than a strength coach. And this year for the first-time USA TODAY Sports’ annual survey of college football assistant coach pay includes an examination of the pay for the 129 coaches who oversee strength and conditioning programs at the FBS level.

Strength has been an important aspect of all sports. As sports become more and more competitive and training become more scientific, strength and physical ability gain equal importance to skill and strategy. Strength coaches become central to developing the entire physical ability of a player.

To develop strength requires well thought out scientific workouts which require extensive knowledge and skill. In addition, external factors like nutrition, medical fitness, correct equipment etc. play a part in ensuring best performance. It is not surprising a competent strength coach is central to any good competitive sports team.


Strength coaches are taking on far more important roles: As co-head coaches, essentially, and as vitally important, year-round cogs for any successful program.Any individual who comes into contact with Ohio State players goes through Marotti(Strength coach of Ohio state) nutritionists, doctors, trainers, equipment people and the sports-performance team, to start. He is the filter and the conduit for information — the gatekeeper for anything and everything that occurs inside the Buckeyes’ doors.

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