The Importance of Rituals



“The ritual makes me focus and get into the zone. On the platform, it is me against the bar and nothing else can affect my performance,” he said.

After his 20-seconds-long ritual, Jawad was ready to make his attempt. And the 27-year-old cleared the bar at 190kg to win a much-celebrated silver medal in the men’s up to 59kg.

“Every powerlifter uses rituals to prepare for competitions and every ritual has a meaning for different powerlifters,” he explained.

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Rituals (or simply, routines) are a big part of success for nearly every activity in life. Everyone knows that the more you standardize your daily routine, the more efficient you are, day to day. The more solid your daily routine, the more work you will get done.

For intense pressurized activities like lifting in a Powerlifting meet, the importance of developing a ritualized routine is paramount. A ritual not only builds confidence in your conscience mind, but for many activities it can also develop more efficient reflexive actions.

A ritual is basically an effectively ordered series of mental and psychological triggers in which one positive trigger leads into the next culminating in the successful completion of an activity. This idea has huge impact for athletes, business people, and performers in all arenas of life.

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