Potential for Wearable Tech in Strength Training


Sports technology might start to disappear in 2017. Don’t worry, the end isn’t near; now isn’t the time to repent. Wearable gadgets are here to stay, and the data stream from sports is only going to get bigger and bigger. But the greatest technological advancement to come in the next couple of years could just be invisibility.

– What’s next after wrist-worn wearables and fitness trackers? from Sports Illustrated

The StratFit way – The Physics of Lifting

To date wearables have yet to provide very much usable data to strength & conditioning coaches. It looks like this could change in next few years, or sooner.  If wearables can provide accurate measurement of total work (Newton Meters), work rate, and power (Watts) it could provide invaluable data to not only S & C coaches but also to technical and tactical coaches of all sports.

For instance, if NM could be accurately measured for a full game, a baseball manager could over time exactly determine how much total work a pitcher can do over a certain number of innings, games, and weeks without becoming overused, thus greatly decreasing the incidence of overuse injuries to valuable athletes. Total power output in punches to heavy bad could give invaluable information about the preparedness level of fighter to coach when he is trying optimize the training load leading up to a fight. We have only begun to see the possibilities for wearables in sport.

For quoted article, visit: Sports Illustrated

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