Maximize Genetics with Strength Conditioning

“Diabetes, of course, was in the family and I didn’t want to come down with diabetes in my retirement and spoil my retirement because that’s what happened to my mother and happened to my father. They got to retirement, their retirement years were not good, and they died. It was sad. So I said I am going to try to do something different.”
— 73-year-old retired teacher can dead lift 418 pounds from WBIR*

“It is literally impossible to overstate the importance and value of heavy resistance training for any person over the age of 17.  It has been clinically proven (and observed in the real world since the dawn of time) that our brain and nervous system continues to learn and evolve right up through the end of life.

The barbell is the perfect interface between our body and gravitational physics.

The major powerlifting movements are the most effective means of perfecting neural integration, increasing bone density, inducing the breakdown-rebuild process in muscular tissue, optimization of the metabolic systems, improved cardiovascular capacity, and more.

The key is effective programming of the variables. No one is too old. If you can still move, your neural networks still work, you still have life. The barbell’s gravitational interface with gravity and rational programming can restart the motor learning process at any age. Improvement in all other physical variables follows this. This is the essence of wellness.

*For quoted article, visit: WBIR

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