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Shaw was training at Super Training Gym in Sacramento. After a few reps on the rowing machine, he decided to try to beat the 100-meter indoor rowing machine world record of 13.3 seconds. Shaw easily destroyed it. Without even training for the attempt, he demonstrated incredible explosiveness and power to beat the record with a time of 12.8.

— The World’s Strongest Man Just Broke the 100m Rowing Record Without Training for it by Rob Scott*

Here’s the StratFit STRENGTH DECODED

Shaw’s record shattering performance in an event he didn’t even train for is more real-world hard evidence that athletes in all sports need to spend significant time with a barbell in their hand.

Shaw broke the world 100-meter rowing record not because he had practiced and perfected rowing, but because he is simply very, very strong. All physical tasks become easier and more efficient the stronger you get. This is obviously true for athletic tasks.

Sport proficiency can be basically broken down into three areas: Physical, Technical, Tactical. You must cover each area in your training and practice regimen to be your best, regardless of the sport. There are articles and videos all over the internet about performances by elite Weightlifters and Powerlifters breaking records in events they hadn’t even trained for.

No matter what your goal or sport is, you need to be on a well planned and strategized barbell program. Elevated strength makes your techniques and tactics more effective in all sports and all areas of life.


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