The Straight Science behind KTFO


“If you want to get a big KO, don’t focus on trying to bring your fist back to guard. While this is great for defense, it won’t help you knock someone out because you’ll decelerate too early and lower the velocity of your fist.

Instead, punch through your opponent.

Think about baseball — when you swing for a home run, do you stop the bat and try to reverse once you make contact? No way, Jose. You swing right through with all your might.”

— The Science of Knockout Power by Eric Wong*

The Science: Explosiveness: Strength x Speed

Knockouts have two primary components: technique and power.  One without the other is much less effective in the ring or cage. Technique is developed with Boxing or MMA coach with skills practice and through sparring, and eventually actual competition.

A fighter’s power is what we build in the gym with barbells. If a fighter with good technique undergoes a well strategized barbell program for only a few weeks or months, he becomes a literal deadly weapon. It is like giving an excellent marksman a much higher caliber gun, the same skills instantly become more effective. A foundation of strength developed with heavy presses, squats, and dead lifts must form the foundation of any power program.

Strength is the prerequisite of power. Once a working level of strength is secured, power means and methods should be included in a fighters program, with power work making up the bulk of training in the specific phase leading up to a fight.

Power Cleans, Power Snatches, Jerks are the foremost means for power development, while explosive presses, squats, and deadlifts also very effective. Presses and squats can be done reactively with very light weights in the final lead up to a fight to perfect starting strength for striking.

Fighters and their coaching staffs have to bring a lot together for fight night but the basic equation is simple; great skill and high power produce knockouts.

*For quoted article, visit: Power Dojo

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