A Leaner Physique for The World’s Strongest Man


“At 41 years old, Savickas shows few signs of slowing down; while he missed the World’s Strongest Man this year, he did compete at the Arnold Classic Asia the same weekend (August 22nd), taking second behind fellow Lithuanian athlete Vytautas Lalas. In the weeks since, he’s cut down significantly on body fat. Of course, “Big Z” is still training heavy, and he’s stated that he plans to compete in strongman competition again next year. Savickas has impressive longevity, and seasonal weight loss may be one of the keys to his ability to train heavy—often—and compete on a rigorous schedule.”

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Training for all sports and goals is a cyclical process. We can’t maintain peak form year around. All of biological nature appears to be cyclical and our fitness and physical preparedness levels are no different.

Even if you are a non-competitive trainee, it is a good idea to lay-out your yearly training plan in the way a competitive athlete would. There should be a general period (athlete off-season), a specific period (athlete pre-season), and an in-season period.

For physique orientated trainees this would mean you maintain a good body in the general period (at least 80% of your top form), begin to cut down in the specific period, then hit top form and carry at least 90% of this form through the specific period.

This way you improve year to year in a cyclic fashion and each year your top form is greater than last year. Savickas’ yearly cycle is perfect example of how world-class athletes in strength sports use this principle.

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