Motor Sports and Lifting: A Natural Alliance


“Not to be outdone by his team mate, Max Verstappen has posted plenty of shots of himself at the gym – in this case using a barbell. Training programmes tend to be at their most intense during pre-season, with drivers looking to build a good fitness platform. During the season, when the drivers’ schedules are much busier, exercise regimes are generally more about maintaining fitness levels.”

— Fit for the job – how the drivers are training for faster 2017 cars by Formula 1


Lifting has many benefits for motor sport athletes which many coaches and athletes are beginning to understand. For most of motor sport history many coaches and athletes did not really understand just how physical and neurological great motor sport performances were, and how much these attributes can be improved with off-the-track training.

Heavy barbell lifting for maximum strength (bench, squat, deadlift, press) is the fastest way to improve neural integration. Neural integration is primarily improved through improvement in the motor cortex of the brain. The motor cortex is the base for all physical movement. The more developed the motor cortex the greater will be a person’s spatial reasoning and reaction time; two of the most important elements for a top-level motor sport athlete.

Forcing the body to develop greater neural integration through heavy lifting can have a positive developmental effect on the motor cortex, literally immediately. This can directly lead to improved performance on the track for drivers.

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