Pull-Ups Make Your Back Jacked


Pull-ups, not the kipping variation, are more than basic exercise for weightlifters. In this article, we broke down the specific benefits that Olympic weightlifters can expect when increasing pull-up performance. Generally speaking, performing moderate sets and reps, for example five sets of five to ten repetitions (either with weight or bodyweight) regularly (weekly, every couple of days, etc) can allow for greatest muscular development and strength.”

— Why Weightlifters Should Do More Pull-Ups by BarBend*


After the Powerlifting (Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift) and Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Clean & Press) lifts, pull ups are right behind in pantheon of strength training exercises.

The major lifts use your entire body as a kinematic system to develop force and lock all the working joints out under the barbell’s gravitational force. No other exercises do this (at least not as completely) this is why these lifts became the two barbell sports.

Pull ups (and barbell rows) perfectly round out a program based on both/either powerlifting and/or weightlifting. Pull Ups help to perfectly balance the muscular development achieved through a barbell program, which can not only augment the strength gains but also make a more visually well-rounded physique.

Pull Ups especially help in augmenting strength and shoulder stability in the shoulder joint for lifters who are specially in overhead lifts, which should be every athlete in any sport which requires high levels of overall athleticism. Pull-ups are like butter if the barbell is bread, they top things off very nicely.

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