How Jackman Stays Jacked: Deadlifts


“If you haven’t heard by now, Hugh Jackman posted his personal record for the deadlift last Friday. Now you can’t quite make out how much he’s hoisting up, but it’s certainly well-above the 405 for 5 reps that he posted back in October. Pretty damn impressive for the 46 year old star.”

— 4 Ways to Break Hugh Jackman’s Deadlift Personal Record by Men’s Fitness*

The best actors take their craft very seriously. And their bodies are the tools of the craft. Hugh Jackman is one of tinsletown’s most versatile and respected stars, and his workouts are garnering the respect of serious athletes as well.

All aspiring Wolverines should follow Jackman’s lead if you want to be athletic and aesthetic. Start pulling heavy. No other lift forces maximal neural integration and produces neuromuscular tonus quite the deadlift. Whether you want to look like a superhero or perform like one, or just feel damn good and healthy, the deadlift is an absolute must in your training program.

The deadlift is the grand-daddy of all barbell exercises. No one could have fathomed squatting, pressing, snatching, or cleaning without first having deadlifted the barbell. It the most primal of all exercises, so it’s just right for the real Wolverine’s program, and yours.

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