Biomechanical Knowledge: The Foundation of Sport and Gym Performance


“As an athletic trainer, John Gallucci Jr. has had a hand in returning some of the finest athletes in New Jersey and New York — think Devils, Red Bulls and Knicks — to competition. The Chatham resident, however, has an interest in all of us using our bodies properly.”

— Five questions for Jersey fitness guru, John Gallucci By Michael J. Fensom


When analyzing physical performance the first area of interest is the mechanics of the movement. All other areas of science are under the tent of the basic mechanical structure of the movement. Human movement is extremely complex, but to begin to understand all of the complexities of a movement’s neurological program, biochemical effect, bioenergetic utilization, the use of conscious muscular force vs. use of the muscles elastic elements and the combination thereof and so on, we must first understand the movement as basically as possible from the standpoint of classical mechanics.


It is the soil from which all other movement sciences grow. Understanding the mechanics of the major barbell lifts immediately unlocks an entire new level of performance you may have never knew you had. Once you begin to properly understand exactly what you are doing during the lift, your potential for force production multiplies exponentially.

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