Heavy Lifting: It’s All You


“To train alone is to develop a skill or an art, and it is not simple.

Anybody can walk around the block or go through the motions of a workout alone…

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular quote, “80% of success is showing up”…

But JUST showing up is not enough.

It builds a habit but doesn’t yield the greatest return.”

— 7 Ways To Train Alone (And Actually Push Yourself) by End Of Three Fitness*


So people like training completely alone, others prefer a more social set up with training partners of groups. Some just like to train alone with alone accompanied only by a trainer. Every one of these options is fine, what’s best is what gets the best out of you.  However, one rule is true across the board no matter how many people are present during your training session.

You need to do the actual lifts yourself. The hands on the bar should be yours. For absolute maximal attempts is fine to have a partner help on the Bench Press lift off, or someone to help get the bar off in case of a unsuccessful attempt. But is really best to set the rack up so that no one else is really needed.  Part of the psychological improvement that comes through training is the feeling of personal performance autonomy.

Knowing that you can set and complete very difficult exercises on you own will have a massive effect on your self confidence, and not only in the gym. Heavy Presses, Squats, and Deadlifts, are the most physically demanding things you can do.  If you get used to doing the entire lift alone, just you and the bar, it will have an immediate carryover into your attitude towards lift. Lifting is not only physical and the adaptations from it are not only physical. Get all you can from it.

*For quoted text, visit: End Of Three Fitness

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