Athletes: Add Another Weapon to Your Explosive Arsenal


“A new trainee is often exercising muscles he or she has seldom used before. To those unaccustomed to heavy training it may seem rather daunting. Many are shocked and want to quit right then and there. If trainees persist, however, they will hopefully realize that what they feel is not even pain, but is really just the feel of unaccustomed effort. And that cannot only be gotten accustomed to, you can learn to enjoy it or at least welcome its challenge. Eventually the pain will not be noticed, and it will be taken for granted.”

— Weightlifting For Athletes: Should You Be Power Jerking? by Dresdin Archibald*


The Power versions of the competitive exercises of Weightlifting have huge benefits for athletes of other sports who require high power production. Power Snatches, Power Cleans, and Power Jerks are unrivaled in terms of power (wattage) production.

Recently many bat and ball and combat sport athletes have wizened up and are including power cleans in their program. Power snatches are less common but are still being practiced by athletes lucky enough to be working with a top-notch barbell coach.

The Power Jerk unfortunately seems to be somewhat of a hidden gem in the strength training treasure chest. The the total foot-to-hand kinematic program of the exercise and the fact that requires extension of all the major joints of the body in short order make it quite possibly the best power explosive strength and starting strength exercise for boxers, MMA fighters, basketball players and more.

It is the perfect power compliment in an upper body strength program based on the Bench Press and Standing Press. All of these exercises combined will lead to more forceful throws, punches, elbows in the field, ring, or cage. The explosive vertical thrust of triple extension (ankle, knee, hip) will lead to more explosive jumps, in the field, on the court, or over the bar.

*For quoted text, visit: Breaking Muscle

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