Get Powerized: The Dynamic Effort Method


“The dynamic effort method is one of three methods documented by Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky and popularized by Louie Simmons. The basic premise is that in order to create tension you must either lift as heavy as possible for that repetition range, lift submaximal weights as fast as possible, or lift submaximal weights for as many repetitions as possible.”

— Debunking Dynamic Effort: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Speed Sets by Mark Watts*


The using the Dynamic Effort (DE) Method on the Powerlifting lifts (Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift) is the bread-and-butter of power training for explosive athletes. The DE method is fastest and most basic way to convert max strength gains barbell gains into raw power production which will make any athlete absolutely devastating to an opponent in the ring, cage, mat, or on the field/court/ice.

The key to DE training is the correct prescription of the training variables. The physical ability developed by the DE method is Explosive Strength. Explosive Strength super-charges the performance of athletes. It is often displayed on the competitive field directly and it is the foundation of Starting Strength which is the key ability for most all bat-and-ball games and striking combat sports (Boxing, Kickboxing).

For military and police servicemen high ES development is obviously a huge advantage in the field. Anyone who is interested in displaying strength with speed should run the DE method for a mesocycle and feel the power.

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