Ball like Brady; Performance Longevity


“Thirteen years after he took the Patriots to a championship on the same field, he became the only quarterback to win five Super Bowls. He also became the first to win four Super Bowl MVP awards. He gets older and nothing changes. He keeps winning. New England keeps winning.

It’s as if this all can go on forever.”

— Tom Brady: The Quarterback Who Even Time Can’t Beat*


Tom Brady’s 5th Superbowl victory is important for numerous reasons. First, it makes Brady the only QB in history with 5 rings, perhaps finally pushing him ahead of his boyhood hero Joe Montana (4 rings) in the the G.O.A.T conversation. More importantly for all of us out here is that he did it at age 39. More important than that, is it looks like he could do it again next year and maybe the year after that, and well, maybe forever.

For those who are interested in improving our performance this in inspiring and reassuring. Now 39 is far from an old man, but it is not the normal age to be competing professionally in one of the roughest sports on earth. Tom Brady is not only competing, he is the best; Right Now. He is performing better than he did 10 years ago or even 15 years ago. This should invigorate any competitive or non-competitive athlete out there or even just serious gym goers.

How is it possible? Dedication and determination. Brady takes care of his body. His training regimen and diet are on-point year around. He knows exactly what he wants from his body and he dials in his routines and rituals to produce it. The best way for athletes to ensure they’ll be able to keep performing at high levels at all the stages of life is to stay dedicated to a rational barbell program, and to be determined to keep hitting new personal records. Heavy barbell lifting improves, neural integration, external force production, bone density, testosterone production, phosphate (high power energy system) storage, joint strength, and more, and it has this effect at any age.

Brady winning his fifth ring and his fourth super bowl MVP award at age 39 gives us a whole new idea of what it means to “be in your prime.”

*For quoted text, visit: The Guardian

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