Dan Gable Wrestling with Existential Questions


“Dan Gable was truly a man who was determined to make the most of the gifts he had been given.

Do you hold the same attitude? Are you willing to keep on pushing?

Are you determined, no matter how bad it gets, to keep on taking action?

Everyone suffers through setbacks. We all have dark days and dips in the road.”

— One Thing To Do No Matter What by Craig Ballantyne*


You know why most plans and ambitions fall short, both within gym and without? Most people simply the lack the motivation to see things through. What sets apart elite achievers like Dan Gable from the pack is his motivation.

Champions have more motivation more consistently. But you know what? Motivation is a fleeting feeling even for 1-in-several million athletes like Dan Gable. So what is the secret of the elite champs? How to they maintain seemingly super-human motivation day-after-day, hour-after-hour?

They know the simple fact: discipline>motivation. These athletes are primarily known for their incredible discipline to train, practice and structure their entire lives around being the best. Their incredible discipline naturally gives rise to consistent motivation. Without a disciplined approach to any endeavor, motivation will be unpredictable and eventually unsustainable.

This is great news for everyone out there who currently lacks the motivation to start a program to reach their goals. Get disciplined, stay that way for a while, and your motivation will start come, and come consistently. There is no better time to get disciplined than right now.

*For quoted text, please visit: Early To Rise

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