Platform Royale: Deadlifts for 007

“Hot women …Aston Martins…Awesome gadgets…Impeccable suits…A master at hand-to-hand combat…An insanely lean and muscular body..Will someone please explain to me why guys would ever want to be like James Bond? Daniel Craig is a fitness icon for guys around the world, sporting a lean and muscular physique.”


To play James Bond, Daniel Craig has had to look the part. No matter who replaces him, he has done justice to the part of the most bad-ass secret agent in the world. But a secret agent wouldn’t just look bad-ass, he would have to be bad-ass.  That’s why Craig and his trainer had to structure training for the Bond films around the major barbell lifts, especially squats and deadlifts.

In order to be effective at the activities of 007’s profession (you know, skiing while firing a Koch MP7A1, driving an Ashton Martin full speed while being chased by Dave Bautista in a Lamborghini, bedding super models, etc.) requires incredible movement ability. A body with incredible movement ability will have the look as well. What is behind incredible movement ability? Neural integration.

Neural Integration defines how the regions of the brain work with each other and the central and peripheral nervous systems to effect responses, like movements. What is the fastest way to improve neural integration? Heavy barbell lifting. Deadlifts and Squats especially. No other activity elicits a maximal voluntary neurological output like heavy barbell lifting. Heavy lifting has a positive impact on all other movements (sports, etc.) because any movement is performed better by an organism which has highly developed neural integration.

Lifting heavy weight of 85% and above on the bench press, squat, and deadlift is also the most effective form of training for developing myofibrillar hypertrophy and muscle tonus, which is what contributes to that hard look. So if you want to look and perform like 007, follow Daniel Craig and hit the weight room.

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