Strategy of the Week: Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method


“My first day back was a deadlift day, and I thought I’ll just do what I can and go home. At this time I was fresh off a week off, and I hadn’t pulled heavy the week before, so by this time I wanted something heavy in my hands. So I worked up and I worked up and I hit a 25 lbs PR!! Easy! Then next workout I did my speed bench (the way I do it isn’t like a lot of methods choose to) and had a great day, then onto squats and I was still sore from deads so I decided to do some reps. Something I had not done in years as a power lifter. And you know what? It felt amazing.”

— Welcome to the Cube Method by Brandon Lilly*


Elite Powerlifter Brandon Lilly utilized his Cube method to achieve his greatest raw total of his career to date, and you can use it hit your own records and more. The Cube method has produced winning results for many powerlifters at all levels, and the program that can be used for strength training for athletes in other sports such as football, baseball, soccer, and combat sports like Boxing and MMA.

The Cube method is based on the Big Three of Powerlifting: the bench press, the powerlifting squat, and the deadlift. Combined in a program, these three exercises ensure that the entire topography of the neuromuscular system is trained each week. In the Cube method, each lift is trained once per week, one lift being done for strength (85% of maximum and above), one lift done for power (60-70% of maximum for low reps with maximum speed) and one lift done for hypertrophy (70-85% for moderate reps). The training days are performed with one rest day in between.

The abilities are rotated each week so that each lift is trained for all three abilities over a three week wave. Lilly likes to repeat the wave three times totaling nine weeks, then deload at the beginning and middle of week ten and competing in a meet or having a mock meet in the gym at the end (Saturday) of the week. This provides new maximums to base the following waves on.

At the end of each week during the waves, Lilly recommends doing a 30-45 minute bodybuilding session as a fourth training day of the week, which can occur the day after the third day. This allows you to work on any weak areas you feel are holding your lifts back, or to work on aesthetic physique goals you might have. He normally chooses the exercises, the day of the session based on where he thinks the work is needed. This element of the program makes it very adaptable for many purposes. The programming of the main lifts will ensure that strength, power, and functional hypertrophy is developed sufficiently for performance, while the assistance work and bodybuilding day can be used for specific purposes or simply to relieve stress.

The Cube Method is a great strategized program for serious lifters with various purposes and goals. Use the Rep Intel Matrix to get a more in-depth technical understanding of the numbers of the Cube Method.

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