Building a Beast Incarnate


“Brock’s a modern-day gladiator. He likes hard work. He likes early [mornings]; he’s a farm boy. He loves working hard and he was so strong even then. I was an All-American wrestler, and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, he’s big. I’ve wrestled guys like that before. The first time I shot him, Brock, all he did was thrust his hips and I went flying backwards.”

— Only Brock Lesnar’s Opponents Truly Know How Much of a Beast He Is*


Brock Lesnar has dominated every physical endeavor he has ever tackled. He was a two-time NCAA national champion in freestyle wrestling, a UFC Heavyweight champion and one the greatest MMA draws of all time, and has reaches levels of fame in the WWE that are reserved for legends.

Brock Lesnar proves one very important point: being very strong and very powerful will get you places in life. In his case, very high places.

Obviously we are not all genetic freaks like Lesnar, but we can all be the strongest version of ourselves if we set our mind to it.

Elite strength/power performers like Lesnar all have one thing common in their training: lots of barbell work. The barbell is the most efficient tool for developing neural integration; and ‘NI’ is the internal phenomenon which produces external strength and power.

The barbell’s very exact loading system and the physical reality of us being able to get the bar over the middle of our foot (our center of balance) allows for very exact control and programming of all variables in training.

Whether you want to be a top fight, strength or power athlete, a bodybuilder, and endurance athlete, or just get into better shape, the barbell is the precise tool for the job.

*For quoted article, please visit: Bleacher Report

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