Hemsworth’s real-life Hammer of Thor: The Barbell


“Chris Hemsworth grew up with sport and fitness as a major part of his life – he played Aussie rules football, until injury intervened, and surfed near his family home whenever he could. He’d always been fit, and his strong physical presence was obvious in early film roles like Star Trek and The Cabin In The Woods. But it was when he was cast as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s superheroes that he knew he had to take his body to the next level.”

— The Workout Plan Chris Hemsworth Used to Play Thor*


To play a Norse God who effortlessly wields the most enormous (and most famous) hammer in history a man needs to be jacked, no two ways about it. To do justice to the Thor character Chris Hemsworth knew what to do. Get strong. Thor would not just be pumped up, he would really be STRONG.

The only way to get really strong and to put on that real quality muscle mass that is required to play mythical superheros and gods, there is only one way. Heavy barbell lifting.

Hemsworth’s Thor program is loaded with dealifts, squats, and barbell presses, the foundational exercises of all strength training. These heavily loaded compound movements are tools to build that rock-solid Thor frame that rocketed Hemsworth to superstardom.

Hemsworth has one of the silver screen’s current top physiques, so it would be a good idea to follow in his footsteps into a power-rack and onto a lifting platform. Barbell lifting is fastest way to maximize and optimize neural integration, and that would come in handy if you ever need to swing a hammer made from neutron star.

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