The Rock, Triple H, and scheduling your “prime” for when you want it


“It’s a natural thing where people feel the need to kick back, relax, and not work as hard on maintaining their physique after years of the same gruelling training schedules over and over again. They’ve definitely earned that break.

But, there are some who don’t quite go that way and instead strive to improve themselves upon leaving the wrestling business. Instead of growing old and fat after leaving the WWE, they dedicate themselves to maintaining and further improving their physical capabilities in order to lead the healthiest life possible and to look in great shape while doing it.”

—5 former WWE superstars who look better now than in their prime*


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Paul “Triple H” Levesque were two of the major players in the glory days of pro wrestling: the late nineties/early aughts.  Between the then WWF’s (now WWE) Monday Night Raw, and WCW’s Monday Nitro; pro wrestling’s “Monday Night War” literally ruled the airwaves on Monday nights. In those golden days there were too many great characters, bad asses, and great physiques to count. “Stone Cold” Steve Autstin, Bill Goldberg, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, the list of legends from that era seems nearly endless.  The Rock and Triple H were two of the major reasons the WWE eventually won the war for pro wrestling supremacy. Both had great characters, great physiques, and were skilled at putting on a show in the ring.

Now nearly twenty years later both men have been successful beyond what anyone could have imagined during the glory days. The Rock has became one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars and Triple H is now CEO of the WWE, a now nearly billion dollar enterprise. Both are doing this while still heading major WWE anytime they want, putting on better performances in the ring than ever before, and sporting better physiques than they did in their late 20s!

How is possible for these stars to look and perform better in their 40s than 20s. It’s simple: more intelligent training. Training science (barbell training in particular) which once in the hands of primarily Russian Olympic athletes is now being applied by serious lifters in other fields like pro wrestling and film entertainment, and the result is men like The Rock and Triple H are literally having their “primes” 20 years after conventional wisdom would think possible. This is the power of intelligent training and nutrition.

Anyone at any age can drastically improve strength, athleticism, and physique with a well planned barbell strategy. If you standing press, bench press, squat, and deadlift long enough, on scientifically designed program, it is a matter of course that all your physical attributes will improve. With efficient barbell training your prime is scheduled when you want it to be.

*For quoted article, please visit: Sportskeeda | WWE

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