Power Clean: Maximum Wattage


“The Power Clean engages all the major muscles in the body working together, from the calves all the way up to the traps—in much the same way you need to on the football field. That takes coordination. The Power Clean also strengthens the posterior chain, which includes the back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. The posterior chain is important for hip extension in sprinting as well as back extension when coming out of your starting position.The Power Clean also impacts metabolic demands and increases your anabolic hormonal response,2 which can help you build muscle.”

—5 Reasons Why Football Players Should Power Clean*


Athletes and coaches should study the concept of the Force-Velocity curve. The curve is displayed on an X-Y graph, with the Y representing Force (Mass x Acceleration) and the X representing Velocity (Distance/Time). Maximum Force is manifested as Maximum Strength in man, and can be developed and displayed in barbell deadlifts, squats, and presses. Maximum velocity manifests as speed, and can be displayed in extremely fast unloaded movements.

Max Strength is the foundation of all high level athletic performance and good speed ability is also integral to championship form. But the quality which really defines dominance in athletics is Power ((Force x Distance)/Time). Power is displayed in Boxing as KO punches, in MMA/Wrestling as explosive throws, in Football as flat back tackles, baseball/Cricket as out the park shots, Hockey as slap shot past the goaltender, etc. Maximum power lies right in middle of the Force/Velocity curve.

The Power Clean is the movement in which we are able to display (and develop) maximum power. There is literally no other movement in which a human can produce as much force across as much distance in literally a fraction of second. In the Power Clean the barbell travels from mid shin to shoulder height in .6 seconds on average, an incredible display of wattage. This raw power development can very easily be transmutated into your sports movements with some technical work with a sport coach. Usually PC training immediately improves punching, jumping, kicking, batting, tackling, throwing and all other sport power moves.

The Power Clean is a highly technical exercise and the skill must first be mastered before the power adaptations can begin to happen to your body, but once you have the technique down and have a good program, get ready to see dominant results. Take this advice and you’ll thank me, but your opponents won’t.

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