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“There are only 24 hours in one day. How do we manage those hours? Do we use them wisely; make things happen? Or do things just happen to us?
It is important to manage the 24 hours of the day, and this can be achieved through time management, which is about managing your life, time, and resources.

“Time flies and draws us with it,” once said French poet Nicholas Despreaux.

“You have to weigh the amount of work that you have to do,” advises Cristen Jones, a student of psychology at the University of the West Indies, Mona. “The way you manage time depends on the amount of work you have to do.”

— Effective Time Management Is The Key To Success*

The Science: The Big Four

For busy professionals to function at the top of their game, physical fitness (and most importantly, Strength) is an absolutely necessity. Numerous studies on interactions in the boardroom and the negotiation table have shown what evolutionary biology has shown since the beginning of time: in any interaction superior physical prowess is a huge advantage. Being physically impressive does not always secure success in these non-physical situations, but it does effect the behavior of all parties involved involved in to the benefit of the more strong/fit person. It is quite simple from an evolutionary standpoint, strong animals are given more respect than weaker ones because of their superior ability to apply force and/or power.

The neurological effects of a serious barbell program are however the more important advantage for business professionals. Heavy deadlifting, squatting, and pressing (also Snatch and Clean & Jerk) are the most demanding activities for neuromuscular system that we can possibly do. Control of the neuromuscular system is centered in the motor cortex of the brain. Programmed barbell training literally drives integration and development of the motor cortex and its control over our musculo-skeletal system.

Neuroscience has shown that different aspects of the brain do not function and develop in isolation. The so-called “cortexes” are often in highly involved in activities which would not normally fall under it’s classified category. That development of the motor cortex/neuromuscular system in high intensity/high technique training such as serious barbell lifting is intelligence and self-awareness training. The benefits of barbell training to the brain alone make it easily worth the time and effort to serious business professionals looking for an edge.

This, along with the improvement of the body’s hormonal milieau, and the aformentioned improvement in physical appearance and performance (and the confidence/security that goes along with it) make serious, organized barbell training a must for high achievers in every field. Get the edge.

*For quoted article, please visit: Jamaica-Gleaner | Art & Leisure

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