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i) Starter:

Beginner programming is all about getting as strong as possible and as fast as possible using a sound application of the stimulus/adaptation cycle in accordance with the fitness/fatigue theory. Doing this correctly will lead to the fastest and most drastic physical fitness improvements you will ever make in your life. Stick with the bench Press, the powerlifting squat, and the bent row for sets of 5. I you simply add five pounds to the bar for each exercise every session, you will double or even triple your strength in only a few months.

ii) Intermediate:

The Intermediate training goal: Keep the liner gains coming as long as possible. Going through a proper beginner and intermediate program makes sure you are as strong as possible when you begin specialization for your own sport or goal. This is critical if you ever want to become elite. Once the daily progress on beginner training stalls you simply stretch the progression out into a weekly format and continue moving forward. This keeps the gains coming as fast as possible.

iii) Advanced:

Advanced training is all about specialization. At this stage the lifter starts to organize training to systematically achieve certain goals. Training adaptations become more specific to his sporting/athletic goal tasks. The main lifts will be utilized to perfect very certain abilities and attributes at the right time in the sporting calendar. Non-competitors should periodize training at this stage as well to ensure they develop the right attributes and abilities at the exact time they want them, like getting beach ready at the exact time your going to hit the waves.

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