Plan & Prepare – Preparation


i) Gear:

To do anything serious you need the tools of the trade. Lifting is no different. To perform your best under the barbell you need quality well fit athletic clothing, a good sturdy pair of athletic shoes, a weightlifting belt, and lifting chalk. Powerlifting knee wraps and elbows wraps are also a great idea once you start hitting big weights. One thing to forget: “exercise” gloves. They are one the dumbest pieces of merchandise every created. A glove blunts your tactile sense of the barbell. This has very negative effect on performance, especially force and power output. Use chalk instead.

ii) Gym:

To be serious you need to be in a serious place. To get strong your gym must have 45 pound/ 20 KG Olympic Barbell, good weight plates, a power/squat rack, sturdy bench for bench pressing, and a place on the floor where deadlifting can take place. Any gym where these things are not available is place were simply cannot get strong, powerful, big, fit, or anything really. A gym is a temple to build strength, not simply a place to dump money. Strong people go to strong gyms.

iii) App:

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