Plan & Prepare – How to use the app


1. Signup

Sign in with Facebook or your email address to enter Stratfit: The Strength Training Platform.

2. Biometrics
Fill in your biometrics which include your height and body weight

3. Designation and Purpose
If you haven’t done any planned training, we recommend that you designate yourself as beginner. Progress is rapid till you reach your intrinsic Strength.

If you have done weight-training, you could try an intermediate program where progress is weekly. However, if you have been through a formal barbell program, you could directly move onto advanced programming.

Once you decide your designation, pick a purpose (football, baseball, track & field, powerlifting, MMA etc.) from the dropdown. StratFit will serve you programs that develop the best combination of abilities for your purpose.

4. Depot
You are now in the SF depot, where you can choose from plans relevant to your purpose. You can select a plan and go through the details and the entire plan structure.

5. Subscription / payment
Go ahead and subscribe to a plan – you can extend the plan by renewing it every month. You can also change to a new plan anytime you want.

6. Activate & Tmax
Now you will be able to activate the plan & know when your training begins. You will be asked to go through a test process to determine your 1 RM (one-repetition maximum) on the Bench Press and Squat.

Tmax is your training 1 repetition maximum. Enter the value if you know it (or) go through the next few steps to determine your Tmax for Bench Press and Squat. The Tmax for the other exercises are derived from this. For the Bench Press, estimate the weight with which you can do 10 reps. Enter the weight. Perform the Bench Set with the estimated weight and do as many reps as possible. Enter the number of reps you are able to do. If you can’t lift it all, reduce the weight by 10% and try. Now repeat the same process for the Squat. Now StratFit displays your Tmaxs.

8. Today’s workout – (Session Summary)
This is your workout session – Your coach will guide you through the plan every step of the way. You can see the exercises planned today with the prescribed number of Sets and Reps. Start the workout by clicking on the start button.

9. Workout screen
Start your session with warm-ups. This is followed by the Exercise. You can go through the instructions and watch the in-app videos for correct lifting technique. When you are Done, your Exercise begins. For every set, you will get the prescribed no. of Reps to be done with the work Weight. Now complete the set and enter the number of Reps achieved.

Once you are Done, the next set starts after a prescribed Rest interval. After all the sets of this exercise are completed, StratFit moves you onto the next exercise. The entire workout flows in this fashion. You will get the summary of your achievement for each exercise completed – this can be shared with your friends on all social media platforms.

10. My Stats
You can check the stats of any exercise by selecting the exercise and specific session of your current plan. You can also share the summary of a session on your Stratfit Wall. Finally, you can track your progress cycle to cycle by exercise.

11. My progress
This screen shows your place in the progression of the plan you are using. You can browse through the training cycles, check your status of any completed cycle, and know what’s planned ahead.

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