PowerBuilding: Supercharge your Muscle Gains


“Many physique athletes (especially natural athletes) go 2-4 years between competitive seasons. Powerlifting can help establish short term goals and objectives to keep the ship aimed in the right direction. Gradually adding a couple hundred pounds to your total is likely going to be reflected on your physique the next time you step on stage.”

— Powerlifting for physique sport: Part 1*


In recent years many competitive bodybuilders have taken their training to higher scientific levels by focusing primarily on Powerlifting training the off-season. “Power-Building” is a very intelligent approach.

By focusing on increasing max strength with the big three powerlifts (Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift) in the off-season the a bodybuilders can ensure he will bring the highest amount of myofibrillar hypertrophy possible into his contest prep stage. Once he starts adding in more vanity based exercises the extra sacroplasmic hypertrophy will fill out the physique, with the powerlifting-built myofibrillar hypertrophy ensuring the bodybuilder’s on-stage presentation will convey strength, while the extra vanity-exercise-built hypertrophy will ensure the physique is symmetrical and balanced as required for BB competition.

The increase raw strength from powerlifting always converts over to all other exercises as well, which allows bodybuilders to use heavier resistance on all the other vanity-based exercises like dumbbell curls, extensions, leg-curls, etc. Strength work on the big lifts literally supercharges all other exercises and movements. This is true for all sports, from bat-and-ball games, to combat sports to bodybuilding.

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