PLAN & PREPARE – How To Choose Training Goals


A goal is a performance objective which has a approximate or exact point in time with which you want to achieve it. For instance, you might want to be able to Squat 2 times your body weight by this time next year.

First off, your goal should be based on your purpose; like batting or bowling harder in Cricket, kicking and sprinting harder and faster in soccer, hitting a new maximum at a Powerlifting competition, or just getting your body fat to beach-ready levels.

Secondly, your goal should have a date or at least a range of dates in which your objective should be reached, like the beginning of a sporting season, or powerlifting meet, or a beach vacation.

Thirdly, the goal must be ambitious but realistic, so your mind can give full commitment to the task.

Answer these three questions:

1) What is my purpose and what definable ability do I need to have to positively effect it?
2) When does this positive effect need to be achieved by?
3) Is this realistic?

If you answer these questions thoughtfully you will have a training goal. It’s good to set a training goal at least once or twice per year so that training stays focused.

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