PLAN & PREPARE – What is Tmax?


Tmax is your Training Maximum for a certain exercise.There is a very intersting article an science for sport about The 1Rep Max.

“Considered as the ‘gold-standard’ test for measuring maximum strength or explosive strength in non-laboratory environments, the 1RM test can be conducted on a large variety of populations, from children aged 6+ years, to middle-aged patients with coronary heart disease. Moreover, the 1RM test has been proven as a valid and reliable measure of performance in all the exercises listed below”

“Despite previous concerns, various 1RM tests have been shown to be a safe and reliable measure of strength in young children (6-12 years) (3), adolescent athletes (15-17 years) (4), healthy trained and untrained adults (18-36 years) (5, 6, 7, 8, 9), untrained middle-aged individuals (50-52 years) (1), post-menopausal women (54-60 years) (10), patients with cardiovascular disease (11, 12), and individuals aged 75+ (13, 14). As this test is simple, time effective, inexpensive, and reliable, it is a very popular testing protocol (15)”

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Your Tmax is a probable 1 repetition maximum (1RM) for the exercise (the weight you can only do 1 time). All of your training weights are based off of it.

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