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One of the big truth-will-set-you-free moments in life is when you finally realize that it is not external events which determine your success, rather it is your reaction to them. This is very true to a large extent. Your destiny is in your own hands to a much greater extent than many people want to believe. It is certainly much easier to sit on the couch and blame the world for our failures, but taking the bull-by-the-horns of life is within anyone’s ability, given that the will is strong enough and the mind is clear enough.

A strong will can be fundamentally broken down into two elements: decisiveness, and perseverance. The ability to make a strong decision quickly with confidence, and to stick to it, is decisiveness. Making tough decisions in important situations that align with your true self is fundamental to a strong will. The ability to persevere through the actions required (and the consequences of them) to execute your decision is long term function of a strong will. This entire process can only occur in a mind that is fully conscious of it.

In the weight room we can daily work to develop our will and consciousness by staying with a tough but scientific barbell program. The competitive lifts of Olympic Weightlifting (Russian Heavy Athletics) especially develop decisiveness, while the competitive lifts of Powerlifting are very potent for developing perseverance.

Facing the challenges the barbell provides us several times a week will eventually have an integrated psychological-mental-physical-spiritual training effect, which manifests itself as a strengthened will and consciousness (and many other ways). A strengthened will and present consciousness gives you the keys to control your personal state, which is the fundamental soil of which contentment, growth, and success can sprout in the sporting arena, the boardroom, and personal existence in general.

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