The StratFit Trainability Governance System basic explanation

The StratFit Training Governance System (TGS) is the totality of all quantifiable rules for control of fitness training. Daniel McKee has spent 15 years of in-the-trenches trial and error as a bodybuilder and serious lifter, both Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Over that same time period he has done intensive study of the work of many Russian training scientists and elite American strength coaches. This combination of hard-earned practical knowledge and clinical scientific study is what formed the rules engine matrix.

All rational control of the training process is based on the Weightlifting chart of A.S. Prilepin. Prilepin formulated his chart based on his study of decades of training manuals and competition results of highly qualified Weightlifters in Russia and eastern Europe. The chart defines how many reps should be done with all certain intensities (percentage of maximum) from 60 percent to 100. The chart gives data for a single set, as well as for the entire exercise that day.

Prilepin did not elaborate on intensities less than 60 since weights lower than this are not effective for the special training of weightlifters or other power athletes. However the ratios behind the higher intensities can also be applied to those below 60 and can still give accurate information.

A polynomial formula created by Dr. Yuri Verkonshansky is utilized within the matrix to determine the maximum amount of reps per set which is possible with any intensity. Ratios derived from Prilepin’s chart give the minimal amount of reps for each intensity that is required to get any training effect.

A coefficient is used in to determine a total Loading number , which reflects the relationship of exercise intensity and volume (number of reps) and the effect on the trainee. Hristro Hristov was the creator of this coefficient.

The maximal and minimal reps per set for each intensity are turned into an exact Loading number. This way one number is given to understand the total quantifiable effect on the trainee.

All training units are then governed by rules which set the maximal and minimal amount of loading for each unit: Week—> Day—> Workout—> Exercise —-> Set —-> Reps.

The rules engine also includes governance rules for individual exercises in a week, and for certain exercises which have a direct effect on the loading of each other; for example the Squat and Deadlift.

The loading parameters and exercise relationship rules were gleaned from Daniel’s study of training logs and workout plans of champion athletes, as well as his own in-the-gym experience with trainees and himself.

The SF TGS controls the training of each ability individually and all as a whole:
-Maximum Strength: Barbell Force Training
-Explosive Strength: Barbell Power Training
-Starting Strength: Reactive Barbell Exercises and Depth Jumps
-Hypertrophy: Moderate intensity-Moderate Rep Barbell Training
-Lactate Generation Training: Low Intensity-High Rep Barbell Training
-Heart Rate Training: Training for time in certain heart rate zones for specific endurance

Depth Jump training is governed by Daniel’s research into determing the maximum force with which an athlete could hit the ground in a DJ, and determing the height of the fall required to produce this amount of force. This serves and training maximum, all of the same protocols for governing barbell training then apply.

Heart training is governed by taking the user’s maximum heart for 1 minute as the training maximum. A constant was used to equivalate the HR INOLs to the barbell and DJ INOLs so that all can used in the same governance system, which allows programs designers to balance all the abilities in the same program with ease.

SF Heart Rate Training functions by using a fitness watch or band (Applewatch, Googlewatch, etc.) which can track heart rate in real time, using a blue-tooth headset or the phone with high volume SF will tell the user when do speed up, hold steady, and slow down according the to the HR the program designer has indicated moment to moment. After the total number of beats prescribed for the workout is reached the app immediately goes into cool down mode. This can be done with any exercise according to the program designer, this allows for very activity/sport specific endurance to be developed with SF.

All of this science will be at the finger tips of any coach or trainer who designs and publishes a plan in the StratFit Depot. This rules engine gives experienced coaches greater understanding into exactly what is going on in their programs, and it teaches training science to new trainers as they use it, while ensuring they cannot possibly build an irrational program in StratFit. SF will be the only technology which uses a scientific system which governs and autoregulates all fitness training.

This hard-science backed technology will prove to be a revolutionary force in not only the exercise app field but also in the broader training world also.

StratFit provides not just personalized programs but actual step by step personal training from the elite coaches.

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