The StratChat is the direct conversational interface between you and an elite strength coach’s program. It turns the your device into a virtual strength coach prescribing all training variables (sets, reps, intensity, rest time), providing detailed step by step instruction and video instruction in real time during the your workout.

After a coach publishes a program from the Program Design Cockpit to the StratFit Depot you can search the depot according to hashtagged purposes/sports and find the program. Once the you start the program, the StratChat will begin.

Each training day the StratChat begins when you enter the gym. In a messenger like format, the StratChat feeds each set to the you with the prescribed reps and weight, according to the coach’s design and based on the your own training max for the exercise. After completing each set you communicate back to StratFit your performance (completed or not, or the number of reps achieved). With this immediate performance information StratFit monitors the program, engaging progression or regression protocols accordingly, which the coach has designed entered for the program.

In this way the StratChat keeps your program optimized set-to-set/moment-to-moment during every workout, as if the program designer was actually there. At the end of the work all training performance and records from the StratChat are stored and become shareable content for your social media, thus inspiring others and keeping coaches and other interested individuals abreast of your improvement.

StratFit provides not just personalized programs but actual step by step personal training from the elite coaches.

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