How To Deadlift

It’s called the King Of Lifts for a reason. Here’s how to master the deadlift

Weightlifting in its purest form is lifting something up and putting it back down. That’s the deadlift in a nutshell. It’s simplicity personified and one of the best muscle-growing, strength-building, health-improving moves around.

Performed safely, the deadlift will strengthen every bone in your body, challenge every muscle across your posterior chain (all the muscles that run from your neck to your heels) and test your grip strength and core stability to the absolute max. It will find any chink in your armour that you need to address if you hope to lift heavy. For that reason you should always start light, within your means, and build up the weight once your technique is flawless.

The deadlift and its variants will also prove hugely beneficial to anyone who play sports. The activation it places on the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps (if you adopt a sumo or trap bar stance) are invaluable for activities that require explosive leg strength – rugby, football, and track and field to name just three. These muscles are also vital in endurance sports such as swimming, cycling and running. The deadlift helps to keep them strong and in tip-top condition, preventing injury while also significantly boosting strength.

As a big compound lift, it also prompts your body to release growth hormones and testosterone, further increasing your bone density and muscular hypertrophy – so say goodbye to not being able to lift your sofa up to reach the remote.

The deadlift is one of the three core exercises in any strength training plan, along with the squatand the bench press. With so many variations to activate different muscle groups it’s a great strength builder – you will find that you progress through the weight fairly quickly. You’ll fire up lots of muscle fibres during the move – much more important than a quick arm pump – and racking up big numbers on the deadlift will boost your confidence in the gym too.

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