The Case for Traditional Weightlifting

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Weightlifters had greater relative strength in their upper bodies. So, it becomes more of a question of your personal goals. What are you striving to improve? If you want more explosive, dynamic strength, try more traditional body part-specific workouts.

— What Makes a Better Athlete—CrossFit or Traditional Weightlifting? from Men’s Fitness*

There are a plethora of different fitness goals out there. We all have to decide what we are individually striving for. Regardless of what goal you choose, the main tools will remain the same.

i.e, The Big Lifts:

Standing Press
Bench press
Dead Lift
Clean and Snatch

The key to reaching all goals is programming the variables of the lifts correctly over time to cause the right adaptations to your organism which allows you to excel in the way you want to.

So, here’s the StratFit Science: HOW STRONG ARE YOU?

These formulas and standards give you the ability to accurately assess how strong and powerful you really are. There is no BS or guess work here. Knowing your maxes and totals allows for precise training programming and for better goal setting. If you know how strong you need to be to achieve a certain goal, and you know how strong you are right now, the difference is what you have to make up in your training program. So go forth, test yourself, and push yourself.

*For the quoted article, visit: Men’s Fitness

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