Strength decoded

In physical performance, there are certain factors within our control and others that are not. Environmental factors like the weather, lighting (visibility), temperature, ground and equipment conditions, etc. are not always under our control. Similarly, genetic factors like height or arm/leg length are determined before we are born. In training for performance coaches/trainers and athletes/trainees must focus on what is within our control, so we can better deal with what is not. That is how we can apply our own will in determining outcomes.

Take Control of What You Can

In order to take control in any specific situation (and life in general) we must first assess the situation objectively, identify the success factors we can control, then improve those to the highest level as quickly and efficiently as possible. The single greatest factor in athletic success is strength. Luckily for all of us, strength is trainable, and hence improvable.  The first step for improvement lies in understanding what strength is and what it is not.

What Strength Is

It is essential to remember: all strength is initiated by neuromuscular stimulation.  Strength is a neuromuscular phenomenon, and the Neuromuscular System (NS) is highly trainable. The purpose of getting stronger for sport is to develop the ability produce more external force, which is the foundation of success in all Ball, Combat, Strength (Weightlifting, Powerlifting), Track and Field sports, and just about anything else you do.  Being physically stronger simply makes you better at everything.

Control of the neuromuscular system initiates in the motor cortex of the brain. so neurological strength improvement leads to not only physical but also mental improvements. Read More

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