Motor unit recruitment: optimize performance

Big and Strong. That is the goal. More quality hypertrophy on our frame and more poundage moved on the platform and in the power-rack.  In order to physically dominate in your chosen field you have to get stronger.   In order to get stronger we design our training so that means and methods used drive adaptations which will give our body the ability to produce more force.  This is strength training.  The fundamental physiological element of the training process that drives these strength adaptations is Motor Unit Recruitment and its maximization and optimization.

What are Motor Units?

So what is a motoneuron?

The Brain and the spinal cord and the make up our central nervous system. The Nervous system controls engagement of motoneurons which controls the recruitment of motor units. This is how all movement happens. Any time a muscle contracts it does so because nervous system engaged a group of motoneurons to do it.  If we want to produce more force, and do it more powerfully we have more motoneurons to fire when we want them to.  This is the primary goal of all training.

How to do it


A. The Means

The best means for maximizing motor unit recruitment are major barbell lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Olympic Press. The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are also best for building explosive strength in advanced trainees. Read More


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